fox news would have you believe that every person on welfare is a leech, the reality is they are just people going about their lives the best they can.


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9 Out Of 10 Americans Are Completely Wrong About This Mind-Blowing Fact


are you disgusted? this country has been taken over by the rich. we;ve become one country totally divided by money with justice for none. we revolted against england over a 2% tax levy. our poor are kept poor, the american dream interrupted by alarm clocks designed to keep us working til death. trickle down economics are a lie. you are being lied to. our elected officials lie, your banks lie, even the company you work for is lying to you. the rich hide more money offshore than 40% of america makes in a year, and then bitch about our deficit. maybe if they paid taxes on all of their money we would have less debt.

fox news, the republican party, the banks, the church are all feeding us shit and calling it candy. the democrats are too busy fighting the republicans to do anything else. the federal reserve meanwhile is slowly making us poorer (the Federal Reserve is a post in an of itself). what do we do? do we run to another country? i mean you could, there are plenty of options out there, but it doesn’t fix anything. the government is a ghost of itself, a bloated spectre picking at the bones of the poor. i say the government, but i’m talking about the corporations that really own politics. people don’t want to talk about it, but if we can’t even have an open dialogue how could we ever take this where it belongs, in the streets of washington, new york, chicago, l.a., boston and everywhere inbetween. bitching in private, and watching john stewart isn’t going to fix this country, it is up to us to make our voices heard, and usher in a new age in this country, getting back to the true spirit of america, and take our country back from the 1%.


you don’t know who is insane. we look just like everyone else. being mentally ill isn’t like in the movies. i never heard my dog tell me to kill. my mind isn’t broken in that way. my mind works against me. it confuses me in to expressing the wrong emotion. i don’t even know if i think i’m crazy. you’re not crazy to yourself. you understand why things are happening in your reality. a beautiful girl get bullied at school and kills herself because she thinks she’s ugly. depression. in her reality she was every bit as ugly as they said she was. don’t ask why people commit suicide, it makes sense to them at the moment. people just don’t understand that to the mentally ill our reality is altered, even if it’s just a bit of skew. in my reality i am nothing, i am no one. i force myself to write to prove that i am not “nothing.” and the only person i need prove it to is myself. we’re not all dangerous. some people are just haunted, the spectral heart beating under the floorboards. those who have sinned and those who come from a past that they would just as soon forget. these are not all my experiences, just a smattering of realities you never knew existed. they do, but only in that person’s mind.

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i am a north american. a mixed french canadian, irish, german and huron(?) indian mut living in the north east usa. i don’t know what people really think about us. the majority of us are not the capitalist gun nut cowboys that seem to be running our media at the moment. but i expect that is a common image of us. being a child of an immigrant was never an issue to me, i mean canada is full of white people, and america loves white people. i suspect if i was a different hue my life would have been different.

there is however a war being waged here on the poor. a country founded on freedom for all, except brown people, gay people, and people without penises has surprisingly turned into a monster. we spend so much time fighting over stupid nonsense that we let our banks rob us blind and control our politics.

i don’t have extreme views. i think we are too concerned with the all-or-nothing mentality that we stubbornly refuse to agree with our opponents. if you can’t deal in absolutes and have an open mind. we as a country need to start pulling people away from the poles, back to the middle so they can see we have lost control of our country.

thats my mind on it.

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apathy is the real problem. people don’t want to speak up and act out. maybe we are afraid that other people will disagree with us, and we will lose friends. maybe it’s just the fact we don’t think anyone will listen. maybe people won’t listen, but if enough people talk loudly enough someone will get heard. we are the ones responsible for change, we can’t keep our mouths shut and expect anything to change.